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Gathering foot allows sewer to gently ease or slightly gather fabric for various garment or home decorating applications. Fits the following machines: PE770, LS2125i, XL2230, XL2600i, XL2610, XL3510, XL3750, ES2000, CP6500, CP7500, 1034D, PC210PRW, PC420PRW, SE400

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  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B002NR6QOM
  • Item model number: SA120

Customer Reviews

Awesome purchase!!!

 May 21, 2010
By Annabelle "Annie"
UPDATE 3/10/13: I’ve learned that the link to the pdf I posted originally no longer works. Below are 2 new links that should take you to the webpage (from ‘’) that offers the free pdf download.

The gathering foot is a fantastic purchase!! I was skeptical before buying it, but it is completely worth it! It’s super easy to attach and after testing it twice on a piece of scrap fabric, I was completely confident using it on the dress I was about to start. You will never have to hand-gather again and will save tons and tons of time. This foot gives you perfectly even gathers. Best of all, it allows you to gather one piece of fabric while sewing it to another piece that remains ungathered (like when sewing a gathered skirt onto a smooth bodice). I highly recommend this presser foot!! A helpful PDF download guide for machine gathering and ruffling can be found here:

Gathering foot works very well and is very helpful

 September 4, 2011
By Donna Jay
The gathering foot does not come with instructions, however here is how it works.

Make sure the fabric you wish to gather is several times longer than you need for a finished project.

First make sure the fabric you are placing the ruffle on to has a finished edge. Use the PICOT FOOT to achieve this. Then feed that edge into the groove of the GATHERING FOOT.

Second place the ruffling fabric under the foot, lower the foot and begin to sew, making sure to guide the top fabric against the right edge of the foot while not exerting any pressure on the top fabric. Guide the ruffle fabric straight as you sew, but let it slip easily as you sew.

Be sure to keep a sample of what this foot does with the foot in your sewing kit for reference.

It takes some practice to feed the ruffle fabric evenly under the top fabric, so take your time and practice on scraps first. Soon you will get the hang of how the foot gathers the bottom ruffle onto the top fabric. It produces a wonder effect for curtains, pillows and little girls dresses etc.

It’s a great foot to have for specialty projects.


 June 1, 2011
By Ash
Exactly what I needed for a wonderful price. Shipped fast! Great!
For novice sewers some people interchange the terms “gathering foot” and “Ruffler foot” they are two different types of feet and do similar but different types of work. Good luck!

It works, with a little practice

 October 1, 2012
By BeanStitcher
I’ve got less than 2 weeks to finish a bumble bee costume, so I sat down tonight ready to tackle the gathering foot. I saw countless YouTube videos that made it look so darn easy but didn’t go into the tension and stitch length information that is so vital to gathering. Finally found one that went over the basics. Did a few practice rounds and the darn thing wouldn’t gather evenly. So back to You Tube and Google I went. The problem is there is so much info out there, but extracting just the right facts you need can be time consuming. Armed with what I thought was the best info I could find, I tried it again and voila! it gathered wonderfully. You can see in the photo (black polka dot ruffle against yellow background), my practice gather is on
top, but the finished gathered piece on the bottom is quite an improvement. So here’s some tips for y’all.

1. Finish the lower edge of the ruffle with a basic straight stitch. Press with an iron.

2. Set tension to the highest setting and stitch length to the highest. On my Brother CS6000i, I set the tension to 8 and stitch length to 5 which are the highest settings. Depending what you’re making, you can adjust this as you see fit. But this is as good as it’s gonna get with my machine. 45″ of fabric yielded 25″ of ruffle with these settings.

3. I set my speed at slightly faster than the medium speed. This is my normal speed to stitch. I haven’t tried a faster speed because my results were what I was looking for. Don’t know if a faster speed yields a tighter gather. This is something you’ll have to figure out what you’re comfortable with. I’m not messing with it at this point.

4. Threads go underneath (contrary to some videos I saw where they pulled the bobbin thread to the top).

5. Fabric goes underneath the gathering foot just like your basic foot. I don’t know why that notch is in the gathering foot, giving the impression that you should slide your fabric in between. But it didn’t work for me, so I just rested the gathering foot on the fabric.

6. DON’T STOP. Press the pedal to the metal and let ‘er fly! When I stopped & started, I ended up with an uneven gather.

7. No need to go back & forward at the start or finish of your gather. It will make it easier to remove the threads if they show on the finished garment.

I hope this info helps you. The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because it came with absolutely no literature or directions. I’ve only done one ruffle so far, but I can see this gathering foot being a real time saver. ~ Linda/PA

totally worth it!

 March 4, 2012
By Jessica L Musumarra
After reading the reviews, I decided to give this Gathering Foot a try. Worth the $4!! Does not come with directions, but the reviews were helpful and go to the Brother website! They have a PDF on all Embellishing Feet which was very helpful. The gathers at 7, 8 and 9 tension is incredible & so even and consistent. I love it!


 September 29, 2011
By moongoddess255 "moongoddess255"
While my item arrived without any instructions to speak of, it works great. I had to remove an attachment that my normal feet attach to to put it on (not easy to figure out without instructions), but after that it works amazing. I have read a lot of reviews saying that it doesn’t gather very much, but when I increase the tension and lengthen the stitch all the way, it gathers too much! My biggest challenge now is finding the perfect match between stitch length and tension to get less gathers. But it works great, gather’s nice and evenly and now that I know how, it’s easy to use. Well worth it! (I am using it on a Brother Pacesetter for reference.)

Wonderfully simple little foot!

 October 2, 2011
By T. W. Struzik "Marine Wife"
This is an amazing little gadget. It came with a one page instruction sheet and after some scrap practice, I used it on my projects to sell. This seller is awesome, the foot came faster than the Prime eligible items in the order. Love.

Works well

 April 25, 2011
By V. Perkins
This foot does what it is supposed to and is very easy to use. The fabric you want to gather feeds through a slot on the foot. You have to play with the tension on your machine to control the gathers, so there is a bit of trial and error involved in getting things right, but the gathering is nice and even once you do. This is an original Brother part, and comes with instructions on its use in the package. The price was excellent for a Brother accessory.

Used on Brother 270D

 August 28, 2011
By Vaike
Great price and does simple gathering as expected.
Works on my old 25 year old Brother and my new 270D embroidary machine. I gather on light and medium weight fabric but not on thich heavy fabric.
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